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School of International Economics and International Relations
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YANG Gongyan
2016-12-05 10:05  


Name: Yang Gongyan

Affiliation: Liaoning University

Address: No. 58, Daoyi South Street, Shenbei New District,


Phone: +86 150 4007 7379

E-mail: ygy85@163.com


Ph.D. Economics Liaoning University 2011-2014

M.A. Economics Liaoning University 2007-2010

B.A. Business Administration Jilin University 2002-2006

Business English Jilin University 2004-2006


Assistant Professor  Liaoning University 2014 – Present


International Political Economy, International Finance


“Financial Development, Interest Rate Liberalization, and Macroeconomic Volatility” (English), with Liu Hongzhong, Emerging Market Finance and Trade, Forthcoming.

“Debt, Growth and Crisis: Based on heterogeneity of the Debt”(Chinese), with Liu Hongzhong ,Economic Review,2015

“Economic Politics Analysis of Successful Government Debt Reductions: From the Long-term Historical Perspective” (Chinese), with Liu Hongzhong, World economy and Politics, 2015

“Public Debt, Economic Growth and Nonlinear Effects” (Chinese), with Liu Hongzhong Yin Lei, Statistical Research,2014.

“The effect of debt on economic growth and fluctuations” (Chinese), with Liu Hongzhong, Economist,2014. 

“New Trends of Trade Flows and Production Networks among China, Japan, and South Korea” (Chinese), with Liu Hongzhong , Asia-pacific Economic Review,2013.

“The Myth of government debt in developed countries: A Perspective Based on New Political Economics” (Chinese), with Liu Hongzhong , World economy and Politics, 2013.

“Government Debt and the Resurgence of Financial Repression: A Developed Economy Perspective” (Chinese), with Liu Hongzhong ,International Economic Review, 2013.

“Evolution of Monetary Policy Consensus and Reflections: Lessons from Financial Crisis” (Chinese), with Liu Hongzhong ,Economic Perspectives, 2013.

“Status and Challenges of Financial Integration in East Asia-Based on Markets Segments” (Chinese), with Liu Hongzhong ,Asia-pacific Economic Review,2013.

“Beyond the Austerity: Exploring the Way of Ending European Sovereign Debt Crisis” (Chinese), with Liu Hongzhong ,World Economy Study,2012.

“The Rise of the Emerging Markets and the Change of the Global Economy” (Chinese), with Liu Hongzhong ,Economist, 2012.

“The political economy of rebalancing and china's Policy Options” (Chinese), with Liu Hongzhong , Economist, 2011.

"Crisis and Recovery in the Euro-zone:Lessons for Monetary Cooperation in East Asia"(Chinese), with Liu Hongzhong , Journal of Contemporary Asia-Pacific Studies,2011


Graduate:         International Political Economy

The World Economy

Undergraduate:     Intermediate Microeconomics

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