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Yu Miaojie Attends Sino-Russian University Presidents' Forum and Delivers Keynote Speech

Date: 2024-05-20    Source: 

On May 18, the unveiling ceremony of the Sino-Russian Language Education University Alliance and the Presidents' Forum was held in Harbin. Hosted by Heilongjiang University, the event aimed to deepen cooperation between Chinese and Russian universities in areas such as language teaching and promotion, to jointly cultivate outstanding talents that meet the needs of the times and society, and to serve the long-term development of friendly relations between the two countries. Professor Yu Miaojie, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee and President of Liaoning University, was invited to attend and delivered a keynote speech titled "New Opportunities and Challenges for Sino-Russian Language Education in the Digital Age", providing profound insights and valuable suggestions for the future development of Sino-Russian language education.



Professor Yu Miaojie presented Liaoning University's advantages in disciplines, recent developments, international exchanges, and other achievements. He also highlighted the successful cooperation between Liaoning University and several Russian universities in the field of education. Subsequently, Professor Yu Miaojie discussed the importance of Sino-Russian language education from the perspectives of demand and supply, emphasizing that the exchange of language and culture between the two countries is a cornerstone for advancing bilateral relations. He pointed out that the current exchanges between China and Russia in politics, economy, and culture are at their best, and in the digital age, with the rapid development of AI technology, the methods and means of language education are constantly evolving, posing new challenges to traditional language education models but also providing new opportunities for language educators in both China and Russia. Faced with these new opportunities and challenges, the Sino-Russian Language Education University Alliance has emerged, not only providing an important platform for strengthening cooperation and exchanges between Chinese and Russian universities but also opening a new chapter in bilateral cooperation. He stated that Liaoning University will actively participate in the work of the Sino-Russian Language Education University Alliance, collaborate with other member universities, and jointly explore new paths and methods for Sino-Russian language education in the new era.



Professor Yu Miaojie also outlined his insights on how Liaoning University plans to promote innovative development in Sino-Russian language education. Firstly, the university aims to attract more Russian language experts for short-term visits, fostering faculty exchanges and academic research collaborations to jointly cultivate talent with international perspectives and cross-cultural communication abilities. Secondly, LNU intends to increase student exchanges and interactions with Russian universities to enhance mutual understanding. Thirdly, LNU proposes collaboration in "Language+" initiatives, alternating international conference hosting and jointly offering degree programs with Russian universities. This approach aims to expand beyond language education, nurturing a broader pool of internationally-minded professionals. Additionally, leveraging modern information technologies is crucial to advancing the digital transformation and intelligent upgrading of Sino-Russian language education, thereby deepening comprehensive cooperation in cultural and educational domains. These efforts aim to elevate bilateral relations to new heights. Finally, Professor Yu invited participating Chinese and Russian university presidents to visit Liaoning University for the "Presidents' Forum" and "Overseas Presidents' Forum" activities.



The establishment of the Sino-Russian Language Education University Alliance and the successful holding of the Presidents' Forum for Sino-Russian Language Education have not only strengthened cooperation and exchanges between China and Russia in the field of language education but have also injected new impetus into the long-term development of bilateral relations. As an active participant in the alliance, Liaoning University will continue to deepen its exchanges and cooperation with other universities within the alliance and contribute to the flourishing development of Sino-Russian language education. In the future, as cooperation between the two countries continues to deepen and expand, it is believed that Sino-Russian language education will enjoy a broader development space and a brighter future.

Liaoning University will continue to uphold the principles of openness, inclusiveness, and cooperative win-win outcomes, actively participating in various activities of the Sino-Russian Language Education University Alliance. Together with other member universities, the university will strive forward to jointly promote the prosperity of Sino-Russian language education and make greater contributions to the long-term development of bilateral relations.

Professor Ma Shuang, Director of the International Exchanges Department of Liaoning University, attended the forum.