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Upcoming Symposium: Improving ASEAN – East Asia Trade and Investment in Digital Economic Era

Date: 2023-06-12    Source: 

  From June 14 to June 15, a high-end academic symposium on the ASEAN - East Asia trade and investment will be held at Liaoning University. The details of the symposium are as follows:

Improving ASEAN – East Asia Trade and Investment in Digital Economic Era 

—— A High-end International Symposium Organized Jointly by Liaoning University and ERIA


Venue: Liaoning University

Time: 14-15 June 2023



Since the beginning of this year, General Secretary Xi Jinping has met with leaders of ASEAN countries such as Cambodia, Malaysia, and Singapore, and reached broad consensus on promoting the construction of the "Five Homes" between China and ASEAN and promoting the development of ASEAN-China relations. At the same time, Liaoning is also accelerating comprehensive economic and trade exchanges and cultural exchanges with countries in the ASEAN region, building the country's first RCEP-themed international business district, and opening the first international freight train on the China-Laos Railway in Northeast China. In order to give full play to the advantages of national "double first-class" construction disciplines, serve the major national strategies and local strategic needs, and help Liaoning to comprehensively revitalize and make new breakthroughs in the “Three-year Action”, Liaoning University plans to jointly organize a high-end international symposium on “Improving ASEAN – East Asia Trade and Investment in Digital Economic Era" with ASEAN and East Asia Economic Research Institute on June 14-15, 2023. This symposium will help promote academic exchanges and cooperation among scholars from various countries, promote the regional economic strength of the alliance in the global economy, use collective power to expand influence, and improve the efficiency and stability of partners. Regional trade and investment can help ease geopolitical tensions and reduce the risk of intervention by external factors.

The symposium will conduct extensive discussions on regional trade and investment, and focus on this theme to promote economic development among neighboring countries and strengthen social integration by utilizing the comparative advantages and different stages of the production process between neighboring countries. Further promote economic opening and cooperation in Liaoning Province. The form of this international academic conference is held in a hybrid mode of online and offline, and the venue of the offline conference is Liaoning University. All online participants are going to use ZOOM Meeting (international version) to participate in this symposium.

Symposium Agenda


Improving ASEAN – East Asia Trade and Investment in Digital Economic Era

—— A High-end International Symposium Organised Jointly by Liaoning University and ERIA


14-15 June 2023


1.     Chinese representatives from governments, academic, business will be contacted and coordinated by Liaoning University.

2.     Venue: CAI GUANSHEN Auditorium, Liaoning University 

3.     Number of participants: 400