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New Landmark Achievement in the Double First-Class Initiative: Publication of A Collection of Research Achievements in China's Public Policy Finance over the Past 44 Years by Professor Bai Qinxian and His Research Team at Liaoning University

Date: 2023-08-28    Source: 



A Collection of Research Achievements in China's Public Policy Finance over the Past 44 Years is a key project achievement in Liaoning University’s Applied Economics program, being a discipline in the Double First-Class initiative, where public policy finance must emerge to meet the requirements of the new era. For over four decades, Professor Bai Qinxian and his research team have been dedicated to theoretical research on public policy finance, contributing to the high-quality development of China's public policy finance industry. As of 2023, Professor Bai and his research team have publicly published over 150 academic papers and over 10 professional monographs, as well as prefacing more than 20 related monographs, writing more than 10 consulting reports, and having been invited to present more than 20 academic reports. Some outstanding works from Professor Bai and his team have been reprinted in full by Xinhua Digest and Book and Newspaper Printed Materials of Renmin University of China. Particularly focusing on the process of dissimilation and return of public policy finance in China, Professor Bai and his research team, with unwavering scientific fortitude, have firmly maintained strategic determination and constantly upheld academic stances. They have successfully withstood the trials of history and practice, accumulating a decades-long valuable experience of academic development. This book collects the main achievements of Professor Bai and his research team in their theoretical research of public policy finance, while also presenting a review and outlook of the establishment of China’s public policy finance upon its 30-year anniversary.

Born in July 1939 in Taiyuan, Shanxi province, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor Bai Qinxian is a member of the 4th and the 5th Applied Economics Discipline Review Group of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, Liaoning University’s chief academic leader of Finance, the national-level key discipline. As the founder of China's policy-based finance theory and discipline, he is also the awardee in the first Outstanding Contribution Award for China's Financial Research and Lifetime Achievement Award for China's Financial Discipline in the year of 2017. His main academic works include Comparative Banking, Comparison of Policy-based Financial Institutions among Countries, Introduction to Theoretical Research on Financial Sustainable Development, and Bai Qinxian's Collected Works on Economics and Finance. Professor Bai has won the National Excellent Textbook Award and the first prize of China’s Excellent Textbook for Universities and Colleges Award. His publication Comparative Banking laid the foundation for the theoretical system and framework structure of this discipline, and put forward the theoretical concept of "banking system", which covers nine related elements in Finance, including financial development strategies, organizational forms, framework structures, division of labor, supervision and management, construction methods, operating mechanisms, operating environment (including economic environment, financial and social environment), and overall effects in various countries. As the trailblazer in the study of policy-based finance, Professor Bai has carried out systematic and in-depth research in this field, and has published monographs and series of academic articles. He has served as the editor in chief of Policy-based Finance Volume of Chinese Financial Dictionary, and also conducted creative research over financial functions of economy and connotation in economics and finance. Based on a series of global economic and new financial situations and a chain of crisis events since 1997, his newly proposed theoretical viewpoints, such as “financial security”, “financial sovereignty” and “financial sustainable development”, have attracted widespread attention from various sectors of society and theoretical circles. Professor Bai formally proposed the theory and strategy of financial sustainable development based on the theory of financial resources at the "International Symposium on Global Financial Development for the 21st Century" held in May 1998. It is known as a major event in China’s financial theory community in that year, considered an innovation of traditional financial theory, a new financial outlook of the knowledge economy era in the 21st century, and also a major theoretical topic that urgently needs to be studied. It has significant theoretical and practical significance and has aroused positive response and heated discussions in national economic and financial circles. Working on the education front more than four decades, Professor Bai Qinxian has published over 300 academic papers, over 40 monographs, hosted over 300 academic reports, and served as the supervisor for over 100 doctoral and postdoctoral students.